C=4 Expo 2008

The Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club's C=4 2008 Expo was held at the Drawbridge Inn in Fort Mitchell, KY, June 28-29 2008. Attendance seemed a bit thinner than last time (why weren't you there?), but as always, a good time was had by all. I went to bed at about 0230 on Saturday, but heard that people were still going at 0400. Click on the pictures for a larger image.

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Hmmm, they seem to have us confused with the veterans' convention...

Hangin' out with the bouncer.

There were a couple of "new old" machines this time: here's the fabled C-1 (owned by Snogpitch)...

...and here's Dragos' Micro-KIM.

On the right is Hellion with his Amiga CDTV.

Dragos' son brought lots of intricate bead sculptures to sell.

The demo schedule. A couple of demos made history this weekend...

...starting with Jim Brain's uIEC (as in "micro-IEC"), which is a serial device on a board (not a cartridge, although it takes power from the cassette port) that can use CF cards or IDE drives as storage. At long last, we would seem to have replacements for the legendary CMD devices! Here Jim gives Elwix/Style an informal demo.

Jim was still making the boards at the show...

...with some help from solder slaves Dragos and Dopple.

Leif (Schema) also had a groundbreaking demo, in which he showed his networked game "NetRacer", which ran on eight networked C64s (using RR-Net Ethernet boards) controlled by a Java-based server running on his PC.

Here are some of the machines being put through their paces. The purring of the race cars at their start lines was a pleasant backdrop throughout the show.

Jeff (Oldbit) brought a tape emulator he's working on using a Propeller board...

...which he monitored with one of the tiniest Commodore screens we've ever seen.

The camera kids (Doppleganger and Stephan).

Six and Elwix discuss the intricacies of demo code.

Elwix gives Stephan an impromptu lesson in 6502 assembler.

Snogpitch conducts the raffle Sunday afternoon with help from Dopple's lovely wife Sabrina.

My machine. A copy of the Q-Link server ran on my laptop along with the prototype of a Q-Link administrative web app. Thanks Caricon for lending me a monitor!

Traveling in style: I flew to the expo with my babies in a Pelican case. They were so good, and didn't even cry on the plane. See you at the next expo...

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